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Love has worked miracles for Fhandee

When Grandma FhanDee was first rescued in July 2023, she was extremely frail, and her blindness severely impacted her confidence in daily life. We learned that she was also deaf. That presented some challenges unknown before.

FhanDee is both fearful and suspicious of everything around her.

She experienced multiple falls and struggled to get back on her feet. However, we persisted, consistently helping her stand again. We worried daily that Grandma FhanDee might leave us soon.

Fhandee After Rescue to Elephant Nature Park Sanctuary in July 2023But with her strong determination, she fights hard to regain her footing, consuming ample food to survive.

Our dedicated veterinarian and mahout team have provided excellent care, ensuring she receives the highest quality soft food daily. Today, we witness a significant change in FhanDee’s condition.

Love has worked miracles.

Today 29 December 2023 at Elephant Nature Park Sanctuary
Today 29 December 2023 at Elephant Nature Park Sanctuary
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