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The story of Govind, an orphaned buffalo who was rescued a month ago to Elephant Nature Park.

On 11 January 2022, We were contacted by a villager way off on the mountain asking us to take care a two months old orphaned buffalo. The sudden death of his mother left him mourning. He need good care, companionship and sustenance. It took our vet team several hours to arrive at the site. He lived in a remote area, the road is winding and rough. The little buffalo cried out for his mother all the time. We brought the little boy to our clinic. We named him GOVIND. At that time, he was exhausted and fell asleep. On waking, he would cry for his mother some more. We hope time can heal and eventually he will know ENP as home. He is a fortunate young boy. We hope in a short time, he will join with others of his own kind.
Many people may not believe that animals have feelings, but the truth is before our face and resonates in our ears. Our hearts are closed to them. It is plain to see that animals have feelings as same as human. They love. They suffer. They feel pain. They know sorrow and loss. They grieve as we do. Govind weeps for his mother, in spite of the hugs and affection from volunteers who try to comfort him. At this immediate time,GOVIND wants his real mother’s love. Hundreds of thousands of hugs cannot replace.

Govind cried and mourning when he first arrived.



It’s heartbreaking to see Govind looking for his mother.



Govind is too adorable.

Every day, the meat and dairy industry separates babies from their mothers, slaughtering millions of these innocent newborns with no regard for the family bond between mother and child, callous to their cries for each other. This clip of GOVIND exposes the falsehood that animals have no feelings. This little buffalo feels fear, confusion and loss. We hope that this clip will clarify for people who don’t believe that animals have feelings like us. And if like us, to reflect on the egregious harm done to them, mostly to satisfy an unnecessary appetite, especially at this juncture in human/earth history, whereby much of our climate crux can be laid down at the feet of the animal agriculture industry. Let us reconsider. Let us sympathize with the suffering of others, whose feelings can be clearly seen. Today is the day of compassion. Today is all that we have.

On his first arrival, Govind cried and mourning for his mother. 

Two weeks later, Govind has stopped crying for awhile. With the care of volunteers and our vet team, the little boy feels safe and his physical condition improves. He was introduced to the buffalo family who were rescued from slaughter and now roam free at ENP. Hopefully, Govind will soon have a nanny of his own kind, who speaks the same language and understands all of his questions. We pray and send him to gain confidence and venture out to join his new family soon.

Two weeks after Govind arrived the park, he’s doing well.



Govind met another rescued buffalo at ENP, it is truly beautiful and so touching moment.
Please enjoy watching Govind growing and thriving under our warm love and good care at Elephant Nature Park. 

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