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Welcome Kamun, our new rescue elephant to Elephant Nature Park.

Another elephant is delivered from harm. Her life will know recovery with each new day.

Kamu is about forty years old. She was a logging elephant for many years and then entered the riding business. In the wake of COVID, Kamu’s owner decided that he could no longer look after her. He called Save Elephant Foundation for help. We told to the owner that our space is very limited, and our capacity nearly reached. The owner of Kamu still confirmed to leave her with us, as dry season approaches and he was concerned about the ability to provide food.

Through the kindness of Khun Oat Pacharavalee,  Khun Meaw Warattada Pattarodom and her friends, more than half of the money to redeem Kamu’s life, was raised. We told the owner that, at this time, we do not have the funds to pay for her. The owner insisted that we take her for now, as he no longer had a mahout nor finances to keep her. Thanks to all who have shared in bringing this beautiful life to us. Kamu will be happy.

Look at her today. She is quite satisfied to have a shelter and no longer tethered with a short chain. The days ahead are for self discovery and new found friends.

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