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Sunshine for Elephants

A new beginning and a better life for elephants

Around our Chiang Mai sanctuary there are more than 10 elephant trekking and riding camps. For the past few years we have invited camp owners to come to visit and learn about our project and how to improve the lives of the elephants.

We try to offer the camp owner to run the new way of program by more humane treatment. After Muay Khamvichai turned her trekking camp over to our Pamper the Pachyderm project she been able to rescue two elephants from a circus.

Today, Lanna Elephant training camp has joined us in a new program called : Sunshine for Elephants where visitors have a unique experience to with an early morning walk with elephant to the forest. In the crispness of the morning you can enjoy observing their freedom as they roam around in their new home.  This group of the elephants are now free from chains and bullhooks as well as  and freedom from dangerous work.

Thanks to Mr Bunleng Takhankeaw, the elephant camp owner, for making this change and for bringing his elephants to a new and  happy place.

If you want to see more elephant freed from work and happy in the rest of their life please support cruelty free programs and let the elephant be at their home and habitat.

For more information on how to arrange a visit – Click here

A new home and a better life

A new home and a better life

Ta-Mon looks so stunned at her home.

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And a well needed scratch

And a well needed scratch

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For more information on how to arrange a visit – Click here

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