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Kanjana and Fah Mui the two rescued elephants form their beautiful relationship

In July 2018 we rescued FahMui from southern Thailand, and a week later we rescued Kanjana who came from Pai. They were introduced on arrival then an unexpected deep bond readily formed between them as they sheltered together since they first arrived. It seems likely that Fahmui became the mother who Kanjana never had.

Kanjana was found trapped in a pit during the fire season. She was just a baby and had fallen into it, breaking her ankle and her legs were badly burned from coals that had collected in the hole. Locals heard her cries and pulled her out. Her family was never found and she eventually became a logging elephant in the Pai area, until the days of trekking began. Her early injuries did not make her a good candidate for either logging or service riding, and we took her away from all of that.

They are now form the beautiful bond, They are never far away from each other, whether walking, eating, swimming or sleeping we will always see them stay side by side.

When Kanjana wanders too far, Fah Mui will call her to come back. We are so happy to see them together, and know how well they meet each others needs.

Thanks to Janice Jensen, Lisa Wojciechowski and Julie Case who donated for the rescue of Kanjana, giving her the better life living with us – the forever home for elephants. These 2 elephants are a wonderful example of how respect and freedom can heal them from the harmful life. Also thanks to Susan Rosenberg and Noah Horton, together with supporters of the Greater Good who contributed the funds for the rescue of Fah Mui. With this wonderful support these two elephants are living happy and free.

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