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Welcome KratengDang, the new member to Elephant Nature Park.

Welcome KratengDang to Elephant Nature Park. she is now enjoying the retirement at her forever home. She is no longer useful in the riding industry due to ankle and foot problems. Her owner allowed this beautiful lady to stay with us for healing. It is time for her to spend the rest of her life with peace and freedom. According to her old age, she is very slow moving and also has difficulty chewing though she still has teeth. She is now need a special care and special food. We will provide her the best care as she spent many years in her life working for human, from now on she will be able to live the new life with love from our caring team and all beautiful elephants at the park. It is interesting that she seems can be a good friend with Meesook, Ploythong and Saree. We hope to see soon she can join the herd and form the relationship with some of our residence.

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