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Save Elephant Foundation Rescue – Sopa the 82 year old Elephant

Over recent weeks we have been seeing the story unfold about Sopa, the 82 year old elephant being rescued from riding attraction work by Save Elephant Foundation, to spend the rest of her life in the sanctuary of Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai Northern Thailand.

In this video, we learn from Kanyakorn Kansumaso, the previous registered owner of Sopa, that Sopha used in the logging trade by a previous owner until she was 76 year old. Khun Kanyakorn speaks about the difficulties she had caring for Sopa, who she employed for 6 years at an Elephant Riding attraction near Pattaya in South East Thailand.

Khun Kanyakorn talks about how Sopa suffered digestive problems and would often lay down in pain, stand up & try to relieve her agony and repeat repeat. Khun Kanyakorn reached out to Save Elephant Foundation in early 2023 hoping that someone could help give Sopa “a better life, good food and proper care”


When our founder Lek (Saengduean Lek Chailert) first saw Sopa, she was obviously in distress and tethered by a chain.

Meetings were held, people rallied and plans were set in place. Thanks to the tireless work of Trunks Up and the amazing fundraising work including SaveSopa, in a very short time Save Elephant Foundation were able to organise the rescue mission of Sopa.

On arrival at Elephant Nature Park, after an arduous near 24 hour journey from Pattaya up to Chiang Mai vets immediately applied hydration therapy and began a course of treatment to help Sopa relieve her inflammation.

Elephant Conservation remains at the heart of the work of Lek, Save Elephant Foundation and Elephant Nature Park.

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