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Save Elephant Foundation rescue 3 elephants from a life of misery and neglect

At the end of July 2023, Save Elephant Foundation coordinated the release and rescue of 3 elephants in need of help from a life of misery and neglect.

This is their story told by video as compiled by Save Elephant Foundation media team who work tirelessly to capture the facts, the emotions and the release into freedom of every elephant that Save Elephant Foundation rescue.

These elephants are now living care free in the sanctuary of Elephant Nature Park, a place they can call their home, a place they will never have to work or perform again and with appropriate support for their medical and social needs, delivered by caring people and a welcoming herd.

Saengduan Lek Chailert also wished to thank the many people involved in the rescue of FhanDee, Arun and RuDee.

Thanks to all elephant lover who contributed via TrunksUp to rescue Fhan Dee,
to Robyn Wearne for saving the life of RuDee,
and to Moira McCarthy for your generosity to save life of Arun.
They are now happy in their new home at Elephant Nature Park.

Save Elephant Foundation needed several trucks to transport the elephants and were able to make use of the Elephant Rescue Vehicle, constructed by generous donors to their foundation. Veterinarian assistance during the elephants’ long ordeal was provided by vet’s, nurses and staff from Elephant Nature Park as well as Robyn & Moira.

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