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Why does Elephant Nature Park not have Grass Cutting Staff?

Save Elephant Foundation raises money through it’s website, to not only help provide suitable environments for all animals at Elephant Nature Park but to help provide food & care for thousands of animals, fund property maintenance and also support local communities.

Local farmers who have raised Water Buffalo and other animals for profit, sometimes find it difficult to support their animals for economic or other reasons.

Rather than sending their animals to a slaughterhouse for money, some contact Save Elephant Foundation who famously work with local communities, offering a wide variety  of support.

At Elephant Nature Park, we have more than 90 rescued water buffalo. The majority have been rescued from the slaughterhouse, or have come to us after suffering some illness or injury.

Some came to the park pregnant and gave birth to their calves in the park. Amazingly, the mothers grow old with their offspring and the young animals know their elders. This would not necessarily happen in the reared-for-profit environments they have come from.

Water Buffalo are welcomed into the sanctuary of Elephant Nature Park and live their lives in their natural habitat, actually serves a very practical purpose.

We expect nothing from these sentient creatures but are content to see them live happily in their forever home but they do however, provide to us a service.

They crop our fields so that we don’t have to employ staff to cut the grass with machinery. And they provide a visual delight as they amble about peacefully in the Park, minding their own business, content in their world.

Our hearts are gladdened to know that we respected them enough so that no harm will ever come to them. All life is precious. Be kind to every kind.

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