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One of the most wonderful classroom in the world with the most inspirational teacher

Education is very important to increase awareness and concern for the environment, especially children are our future and the young generation can help to conserve our planet.

Please read the message from our founder, Lek Saengduean Chailert below. See what she is doing to protect our animals:

Most schools are still not open, and children continue to learn online. I was requested by a number of universities to be part of their educational program online to share my journey and my activities related to our conservation vision. I am honored to take part in this educational endeavor, as I believe that education carries the most impactful punch to change our world for the better.

If on any day that I do not have to go out to help elephants outside our project , I would surely dedicate my time to teach online to any school , university or even individual groups. There of course are different time zones to manage, but that is all part of a workable scenario for interaction through Zoom or Google Meet. For me, I think it is amazing that we can use technology to share our work across the ocean for every one to see and understand.

Here is an example of what my classroom looks like, and the moving background is always engaging 🙂 Sometimes the elephant will want to have some input, or just as likely to pull me into their herd during the online session. This you will see from the live stream . If there is any college or university who would like your students to interact with our educational program, please send your request to us. If any teacher or school has already requested a meeting and time, please confirm again via email :
* If you sent via messenger, it will not be registered in our schedule.

I am glad that,​ even though the skies are closed, we can still connect with each other, as long as the technology will offer us the chance to do that. Let us bring our Herd to your Home.

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