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Medo is feeling unwell- she was found weak and is now under veterinarian care at the park

Medo is listless for a few weeks, she not interested in food and refuse to drink. She could hardly has a bowel movement that could be the result of dehydration. The vet provide her infusion to help. She needed to take over 100 litres of IV fluids per day.  Medo receives the best efforts from our veterinarian team and her mahout is supporting her in all circumstances. They try to give her some juicy water melon so she will have enough water to support the excretory system. Yesterday she could defecate irregularly, her dunks are black which is the signs of unwell. It is not official confirmed what kind of symptoms that she is suffering yet but in presumption her sickness could be irritable bowel syndrome. She is now still staying under the care of our vet team and need a lot of IV fluids. By the way, she can take short walk around the clinic which is benefit for her digestion. We will keep you posted to update of her progress.

During this time of enormous hardship due to government protocols related to the continued spread of the Covid-19 virus and medical advice pertaining to social distancing, the country lockdown, we don’t have income but our duty to support the well being of elephants cannot stop. If you are able to help us care for our elephants during this crisis, you can offer your support here:  Elephant Care

Any amount you can offer would be greatly appreciated, and will help us continue to provide the good care for all of our elephants throughout this period of hardship. We are truly grateful for your generous support. Wishing you all the best, hope you and your family stay safe and healthy. 


The vet preparing vitamin treatment for Medo.


Sweet Medo standing peacefully while she’s receiving some IV fluids.


The staff provide her fresh grass and watermelon.


Medo eat water melon.


Medo’s painful bowel movement. During this time she had to be temporarily restrained as she was receiving injections and needed to be kept as still as possible during the vets crucial workload.


Medo passed black poop.


Medo played with grass but was not interested to eat.











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