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Date of Birth




Age at Rescue

25 Years Old

Rescue Location

Cambodia Logging Industry

Rescue Date


Herd / Friends

Solitary Female

After working in the logging industry, Sarai Mia was rescued from Mondulkiri Province, Cambodia, and brought to Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary in February 2017 at the same time as DiPloh.

On arrival at CWS, Sarai Mia met Arun Reah, who naturally assumed the role of elder and best friend to Sarai Mia. They were wonderful to watch together with their dramatic antics and vocalizations whenever they lost sight of one another in the forest. Sadly, Arun Reah passed away in September 2021, leaving her best friend in mourning.

Sarai Mia is in her late twenties and is enjoying her peaceful life, freely roaming throughout the vast sanctuary. It is hoped that Sarai Mia will rekindle a relationship with DiPloh but at present, they are not showing much interest in connecting.


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Sarai Mia loves to explore the deeper jungle regions of Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary

Sarai Mia is the youngest elephant at Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary and definitely the most energetic. She loves going for a…
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