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Date of Birth

28th October 2012



Age at Rescue

Rescue Location

Born at Elephant Nature Park

Rescue Date

Herd / Friends

Solitary Bull

Navaan (gold in Cambodian) was born at Elephant Nature Park in the early hours on October 28, 2012, to a chorus of trumpeting and elephant gossip.

Navaan will never work and will never have his spirit broken in a phajaan. Though breeding is not planned or encouraged at ENP, nature does take its course and pregnancies have occurred in the past. SriPrae and Hope kept their romance a secret and Navaan was conceived beneath the ENP radar. It was with great surprise that we welcomed him on that early October morning!

Navaan is confident and demanding, and like his father Hope, likes to clown around and be the center of attention. He has collected a following of gran-nannies who are hopelessly devoted to him. Sadly, his nanny, Mae BuaKham, passed away of old age a couple of years ago. Navaan lives in a large bull enclosure with a swimming pool and is regularly visited by his mother, SriPrae.

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Flashback Friday 8 September 2023: A short story of our handsome young bull named Navaan

Flashback Friday 8 September 2023: A short story of our handsome young bull named Navaan at Elephant Nature Park Sanctuary

Navaan (meaning “gold” in Cambodian) was born at Elephant Nature Park in the early hours of October 28, 2012, to…Read More

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Elephant Nature Park Sanctuary Elephant of the Week 31 July 2023: Jokia

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Rescued Elephant SriPrae gives birth to Navaan

SriPrae gives birth to Navaan at Elephant Nature Park

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Victim of a landmine Elephant SriPrae uses a stick to clean her scar

SriPrae the Landmine Victim cleans her foot with a stick at Elephant Nature Park

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Navaan will be moving to his bigger shelter soon.


We are building the large chain free shelter for our male elephants to provide them more space. FaaMai's family group…Read More

Sriprae the mother of Navaan


SriPrae born around 1990, SriPrae (meaning ‘feminine and smooth as silk’) arrived at ENP in early November 2010. SriPrae’s first…Read More

Happy Birth Day to our boy Navaan


Eight years ago a precious life entered into our lives here at ENP. The charming little prince Navaan was born…Read More

Happy 6th Birthday to our precious boy – Navaan

Navann and his favorite ball.

Today is the special day, it  is the day Navaan was brought into this world to be a wonderful elephant…Read More

Navaan showing that he is the Prince of the Park

Navann is the happiest baby elephant.

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Elephant Of The Week : SookSai

Navann play with Sook Sai

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Happy Birthday Navaan 28 October 2016

Happy 4th Birth Day, Navann

Today is a special day, four years ago we got a very special gift from SriPare. She gave birth to…Read More

Baby elephant play with everything they see


Baby elephant and the toys. See how they have a great fun.

Jokia spend more times with Navaan’s family


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Baby elephant Yindee and Navaan are showing their bull instinct


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The nanny elephant Tub Tim always stay beside Navaan even they are in the separate room.


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Baby elephant Navaan is having mom milk from his mother, SriPrae.


Navaan is going to complete his 3rd year on 28th October this year. Despite all of the fresh fruits and…Read More

Navaan and his nanny Bua Kham, enjoy the happy time in the river after the heavy rain at Elephant Nature Park.


There was a heavy rain last night, the river raise up and our herd are very happy. Navaan and his…Read More

SookSai is falling in love with our cutie elephant, Navaan.


SookSai still trying to get a relationship with Navaan. She still not get accept from the herd to join the…Read More

Baby elephant Navaan and his new toy Donated Enrichment by Dr Amy Schroff


t's almost a week since Navaan received his new toy and despite trying, he can not break it. Normally it…Read More

Baby elephant Navaan and family enjoy a day with young Rain Tree leaves..


After the rain, the trees and the grass are growing with their green sprouts every where. Navaan and his family…Read More

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