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KraTae’s journey from Logging and Elephant Riding to Sanctuary last year

KraTae was born in 1961. She was born in a logging camp while her mother labored, pulling timber from the forest in Northern Thailand. The owner trained her also to haul logs since she was young. She did this strenuous and dangerous work for more than three decades, until the Thai government announced a ban on logging activity in 1989. The following year she was sold to work in tourism carrying riders on her back.

KraTae’s destiny changed one day while we went to rescue Mae Kheow at an elephant camp in Pai. Khun Pin was volunteering at Elephant Nature Park together with her mother, and they joined in the rescue trip to get Mae Keaw. Khun Pin met KraTae at that time, and she wanted to help bring her to freedom also. She began to raise funds to bring KraTae to a new home at Elephant Nature Park.

After researching KraTae’s life story , we found that KraTae had been bought and sold many times in her past. And had worked in many places in Thailand. During Covid, KraTae was sick quite often with colic, and falling down many times. The owner had contacted us often, concerned that she would not live long.

Thank you Khun Pin, and to your mother, as well as all who supported Khun Pin’s campaign to free KraTae.

Finally you were able to bring KraTae to a better place. Now KraTae stays independent, never to be torn away from the place she calls home. There shall be no more work. This is the time to regain her dignity as she deserves.

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