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Welcome Home to our new Elephant Nature Park family member Gluay Hom

This little boy is quite fatigued. Rest and a nutritionally balanced food regimen will improve his energy levels. For now, he seems somewhat baffled by his new chain less condition. He will play with a chain that locks his gate, jangling it repeatedly. He enjoys his mud pit, and indeed, has been sleeping there rather than under the shelter on his sand pile. It is a time for adjustments to his new life status. He is on anti-inflammatory meds and pain modifiers for his injured leg. We will xray it next week. Superficial wounds have been treated. He is a good patient, and still a gentle young boy.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to The Greater Good for providing the funds for the rescue of this beautiful life to Elephant Nature Park. We are honored to have their ongoing support. We are indebted to the hard work of 2 special people, who help us with their campaign, Noah Horton and Susan Rosenberg. It wasn’t too long ago that they rescued Fahmui to our herd as well.

Thanks Nancy Abraham and to all who worked behind the rescue scene, and to the transport team, who cared for Gluay Hom until he reached home. We will keep updating you on his health and progress. It seems already someone wants to be Gluay Hom’s constant companion !

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