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Update from Darrick on Gluay Hom

Gluay Hom is doing very well. TX continues for the swelling in his leg (pain and anti inflam meds). His leg is almost back to normal, but the joint is still stiff, and he favors that leg. I am quite pleased, and very happy with our medical team.

Gluay Hom’s energy levels are good. He eats well and his weight is up. The river has been high, so he hasn’t made it over to our elephant scale for an accurate evaluation. He now lies down and sleeps well. Gluay Hom had been sleeping at his mud pit, but now he uses his shelter and sand piles.

His hind quarters are still weak, and muscle atrophy clear due to lack of exercise for years. That will change with time. Tomorrow I will take him to the pool for a swim, to see how much he enjoys it. It would be good therapy.

He is isolated in the large yard, and as of yet, shows no interest in other elephants, which is good due to his EEHV condition. He will avoid contact if approached by an elephant. Another blood test will be taken tomorrow to recheck his blood status. Formerly, he tested positive for EEHV but nonsymptomatic.

I will confirm his status as soon as possible. But all in all, he is doing great ! I am quite fond of him.


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