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Kabu’s life at Elephant Nature Park

The story of Kabu’s life is full of sadness and pain. Her rescue on the 22nd September 2015 began a new chapter in her life; a chapter that will be full of love, care and freedom. The journey of Kabu from the logging camp in the jungle to Elephant Nature Park shows the dedication of our staff, volunteers and supporters. Kabu has many days of happiness ahead that we are honored to share with her.

Kabu (it is common for hill tribe people to sometimes have a problem with Thai pronunciation, as they have their own native language. Her name is actually Kham Boon which means Golden Merit, but she is known as KABU.) was born around 1990. She arrived to ENP very late on September 22nd 2015. Her mother was a logging elephant. She had to go with her mom while she pushed and pulled logs. At two years old, a log rolled out of control and struck Kabu, breaking her front left wrist. It healed badly and left her very handicapped. Despite this, when she was old enough, she was also put to work in logging doing light labor. She was also subjected to forced breeding. Kabu had two babies, neither of which she was allowed to keep for very long. One was a bull, who died soon after his spirit was broken. The other a female who was sold into the elephant show industry. Since Kabu had to over use her right front leg to carry her weight, it has also grown very deformed.


Kabu before arrived Elephant Nature Park.


How can be ridden while Kabu’s leg were in poor condition.


After a long twelve hours journey, Kabu finally arrived home. While difficult to get on the truck, she walked off readily. She received a warm trumpeting welcome from Saree, KhunDej and Dani and she stopped to say hello, especially to KhunDej whom she investigated, inquisitively touching his injured leg.


On arrival, Kabu walked slowly from the truck.


Kabu first met with Khundej.


Please watch Kabul’s journey to ENP here:


Kabu went to the river without chain, just an overnight stay at the park she looked more lively.


Kabu stopped at the pole to eat some bananas.


Our priority was to find out what is happening with Kabu leg, and how we can help to fix her leg. After she adjusted with her new environment and more completely relax, we started to train her to accept the X-ray machine and medical tools that are necessary for her care. Our vet trained her to be familiar and to cooperate with the treatment.


Kabu loves and trust her mahout, she’s more relaxed while he stay beside.


After we trained Kabu for awhile to be familiar with the X-Ray machine and accoutrements and the generator noise, she behaved so well when we went to take pics of her leg in order to understand her situation. Sadly, the films show us that Kabu’s ankles has permanent deformed. We will provide the best care to this poor young lady to ensure her well being and happiness for the rest of her life staying with us. 


The vet team provided first X Ray’s of Kabu’s legs.


Film X Ray of Kabu’s legs compare between injured left leg and right leg.


Despite of Kabu’s deformed leg, she is a charming lady many elephants tried to invite her to join their herd. Yindee boy came to see her and played with her under her favorite fig tree. Faa Mai walked across the field with Dok Rak to visited Kabu, she was interesting to invite Kabu to join the herd. Navann also didn’t miss to play with sweet Kabu. All the candidates tried to make Kabu happy and join with them but she preferred her solitary, may be because of her legs condition. She cannot move as fast as the younger elephants do though she did not refuse to play with the others. Kabu loves to spent time with Khundej, a boy who got a very bad injury while he was roaming in the forest, this poor boy got trapped in a snare. Both of them need the daily treatment from our vet team and especially in the rainy season we have to provide them the soft sand in their night shelter so, they will have most comfortable room despite playing in the mud pit to protect their legs injuries from the infection. Khundej warms her heart as Kabu lost her son many years ago. We are really glad to see sweet Kabu shining with happiness. However, Khundej has Seree and Dani as his nanny so Kabu does not impress to spend time with them. 


Yindee played with Kabu, he wanted Kabu to join his nanny.


Faa Mai walked across the field to see Kabu and also introduced Dok Rak to Kabu.


Navann visited Kabu and try to invite her to join his family.


Kabu and Khundej having trunk kiss.

On January 2019, the new girl arrived the park. Her name is Chana. Seven months before her arrival to Elephant Nature Park, Chana had an accident. After a short while at the hospital, she came home to stay with the owner. She still showed pain to walk. At the house of Chana’s owner, there was not much space, and they also had to work at their farm, having no time for the injured young girl. Chana was chained most of the time. Finally they contacted us to help and to take Chana for treatment and social contact. Chana came to us at the right time and fulfilled Kabu’s life. It was a heartwarming moment to see Kabu adore the younger elephant.


Chana and Kabu get along well with each other.


Kabu sharing the mud pit with Chana.


Kabu standing to guardian Chana.

Kabu really loves Chana, she accept Chana as her daughter. Everyday, Kabu will stay beside Chana and follow her everywhere. Both elephants have lame leg, it is so heartwarming to see these two beautiful elephants take care to each other. When they return to the night shelter at the end of the day, Kabu lies down for peaceful rest on the fresh sand pile. Chana adorably tries to provide comfort and a sense of security for her sweet Kabu, who might sleep knowing that Chana is standing watch over her. This is the beautiful love between elephants. This is so touching, we have a lot to learn from elephants.



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