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Kabu is very protective of her mud pit at Elephant Nature Park

Just 2 years ago, Save Elephant Foundation rescued Kabu from an awful life of logging, despite being severely injured and now walking with obvious difficulty.

Now able to enjoy elephant life in the sanctuary of Elephant Nature Park, Kabu can relax, sleep, play and share life with other elephants at the park. But there are often times that Kabu doesn’t want to share everything.

Kabu likes to takes a nap on her own mud pile. When she hears the big herd coming her way, she wakes up to protect her pile. She doesn’t want others to play in her own space.

Kabu loves her mud ! Her spot by the giant fig tree is a place to covet. She uses this place to relax. It is here that she can lay down to sleep in confidence. She considers this turf to be her own private property, but during the day many elephant try to visit this spot, to play in the mud pit and to share the shade and the fruit from the great tree. Kabu has 1 close friend, Dipor (SookJai is also slowly becoming a good friend). Kabu subscribes to the affirmation that ‘a single tree can be Her garden and a single friend her world’. She is not fond of the company of many, nor when they pee and poo in her place , so she protects her territory and chases them away.

There are more details of Kabu’s rescue and her new life at Elephant Nature Park here …


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