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Kaavan is now enjoying Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary thanks to American Singer Cher

Kaavan is a male Asian elephant who was known as the ‘world’s loneliest elephant’ after his companion Saheli died in 2012.

Tragically, Kaavan was captured from the wild in Sri Lanka and gifted to Pakistan to demonstrate a positive relationship between the two countries. Upon arrival in Pakistan, Kaavan was transferred to the Marghazar Zoo in Islamabad.

Activists around the world became aware of the plight of Kaavan in 2015 after petitions and news articles began to circulate about the dire conditions in which he was languishing. It was reported that he was bound in chains for over two decades.

The footage and images of Kaavan’s plight went viral and captured the heart of American pop star Cher. Activists led by Cher fought for several years to free Kaavan from the zoo and bring him to sanctuary.

Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary served as his best destination where he lives the best life of any captive elephant in the world.

To learn more about handsome Kaavan and how you can support him at ENP please visit the link :

Kaavan (กาวาน)


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