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Wildlife Volunteers wanted in Cambodia

Wildlife Volunteers in Cambodia

Volunteering to help wildlife is a rewarding experience and Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary, situated in Siem Reap Cambodia, is a very special place where volunteers are able to get close to nature and make a huge difference at the sanctuary and the surrounding community.


Sarai Mia loves to explore the deeper jungle regions of Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary

Sarai Mia is the youngest elephant at Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary and definitely the most energetic. She loves going for a swim in one of our many dams, often using a log or a branch to add to her enjoyment. She can also be very vocal. In the mornings during the hot season, you will hear her splashing and playing around in Kaavans old pool, often squeaking while doing so, showing her joy.

Diploh enjoying the jungle at Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary

Diploh enjoying her solitary life at Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary

Diploh spends many hours filling her belly with the fruit of the forest. She loves a heavy rain. She will seek out the place with the best mudpit and cover herself from head to toe. In the jungle her natural instincts take over, identifying the different roots, trees, grasses, bushes, and fruits there, knowing which is edible and tasty and which others to avoid.

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