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Happy 13th Rescue Anniversary to our Beautiful Sri Prae

Sri Prae was born around 1990 and arrived at ENP in early November 2010. In English, her name translates to ‘feminine, smooth as silk’ .

Sri Prae’s first job was working in illegal logging in Tak Province, where she had the great misfortune of stepping on a landmine. She spent two difficult years in rehabilitation at the elephant hospital in Lampang, after which she was considered unable to work, and so forced into a breeding program.

Despite multiple attempts, she never became pregnant and her owner decided to sell her. She was initially rescued by Bring the Elephant Home, a Dutch non-profit, and later came to live at Elephant Nature Park.

Two years after her rescue, Sri Prae defied the odds by giving birth to a beautiful male elephant named Navaan, born at Elephant Nature Park on 28 October 2012. Initially, Navaan was the center of a loving family group, which included doting grand-nannies, Mae Kham Paan and Mae Bua Kham. Later, Sri Prae formed a heartwarming bond with Jokia, who became a nanny to Navaan and helped care for him.

Today, we celebrate the 13th anniversary of Sri Prae’s rescue, as she continues to live her best life at Elephant Nature Park, embodying the spirit of hope and second chances.

🎥 Credit @bringtheelephanthome & ElephantNews


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