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Flashback Friday: Nanny SookSai’s Life Before and After Rescue

Once upon a time, Sooksai had a horrible life, forced to work relentlessly, forced to mate, forced into a life of fear.

But there came a time when that darkness lifted, and Sooksai was rescued to a better life to the sanctuary of Elephant Nature Park.

But even here, Sooksai mostly chose a solitary life, she was aggressive towards other elephants, until one fine day, a young elephant crossed her path and her heart was full again.

Not so long ago, a mother and child were rescued from Omkoi district, Thailand. Their names are Mho Jae and Sa Ngae. Happiness was restored to Sooksai, and she dotes on the boy with an everlasting affection, fulfilling that enviable role of Nanny with an ardent attention to duty and care.

To learn more about Nanny Sooksai and how you can support her at Elephant Nature Park, please visit the link below;

SookSai (สุขใส)

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