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Fhandee slathers her body in mud at Elephant Nature Park

Fhandee was rescued to the sanctuary of Elephant Nature Park in July 2023, thanks to specific donations from TrunksUp, along with 2 other elephants Rudee and Arun.

Fhandee has a lot of challenges. She is blind and deaf and her mahout continues to learn how to help her in the best way possible.

She also has some digestive issues and during rescue, it was clear her body was weak. She has fallen down 3 times since she arrived at Elephant Nature Park, but she is readily helped to stand up again by mahouts jointly lifting her head until she can stand up again by herself.

Fhandee is fed whatever she prefers to eat in abundance. Her body is definitely getting stronger, although it is a long road at her age.

Today Fhandee made her own little mud pit and in this video we can see how she slathered her body in protective mud. It is the rainy season when bugs flourish, and for all of our elephants, any protective layer on their skins can help them to enjoy their day and evening that much more.



You can learn more about the rescue of Fhandee here…


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