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Elephant Of The Week : KhunDej

Happy Rescue Anniversary to KhunDej

KhunDej was born around 2010. He arrived at Elephant Nature Park on 18 October 2014. Khun Kanjana Nuna Silpa Archa discovered this sweet boy and he stole her heart.

KhunDej came from a forest area in central Thailand. While he was roaming in the forest, this poor boy got trapped in a snare that was set up by people hoping to capture small animals. KhunDej was not found for a few days and the wound was very deep and an infection had already set in.

After he was found by the rescuers, he was taken to a nearby government hospital. It is incredible that he still alive. He was being well looked after but was on his own, he became bored and frustrated.

Khun Kanjana Nuna Silpa Archa wanted to help KhunDej and requested that KhunDej be brought to Elephant Nature Park where he could have the chance to live with other elephants and be cared for by the herd and trained staff to care for his injury.

Shortly after he arrived, Dani fell in love with KhuDej and she adopted him. Not only Dani, Saree also fell in love with the sweet boy. Three of them stay together and are never far from each other.

We hope the beautiful relationship will last long into the future.

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