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Elephant Green Hill project – a home for rescued elephants.

Mae Ta and Mae Noi, the mother and daughter elephant living free at their forever home. They live together with special love and beautiful bond of mother and daughter. Elephant moms are actually some of the best moms in the animal kingdom. The elephant moms do everything from nursing for years to staying close to their babies for life. Elephant mothers carry their babies for nearly two years before giving birth. Then they ensure their babies get the best food, teach their children the most useful skills. Feeding, teaching, leading are not the all in a day’s duties for elephant moms, they are also the best playmate for their children. 

Look at these two elephants, see how much they are happy to walk through their natural terrain, grazing grass, playing in the mud pit and get soak in the water together. This is how it should be and they deserve it all. 

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