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Baby elephant Navaan is having mom milk from his mother, SriPrae.

Navaan is going to complete his 3rd year on 28th October this year. Despite all of the fresh fruits and grass, he still needs mothers milk. Normally, the calf may consume 11.4 litres of milk per day. The mother’s milk is an important part of a calf’s nutrition and calves continue to be weaned for about 10 years or until another sibling is born.

This leads us to think about the baby elephants who are still working as street begging elephants. Most of them are not older that 5 years old and they still need to have their mothers milk.

This is a truly sad reality and it is the reason why we have been trying to stop the use of baby elephants to walk streets begging for many years, and campaign to make street begging animals illegal. You can be another voice in making this matter heard and we will continue trying the best to create change.

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