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Celebrate International Cat Day 2023 at Cat Kingdom

On this special day dedicated to our feline friends, we want to shine a spotlight on the incredible journey of the cats at Elephant Nature Park’s Cat Kingdom.

With a heart full of compassion, Elephant Nature Park together with Save Elephant Foundation have rescued thousands of cats from various situations of abuse and neglect across Thailand.

Every cat at the park has a unique story to tell, a story of resilience and the power of second chances.

People visiting Cat Kingdom, get opportunities to see the cats, learn about rescue history and how comfortable they are in the sanctuary of Elephant Nature Park.

Despite the challenges, the number of stray and abandoned cats continues to rise. We’re committed to providing them with a safe haven, offering them the care, love, and respect they deserve.❤️

We’re dedicated to making a difference in the lives of these incredible creatures, one paw at a time.

Visitors to Elephant Nature Park on the SkyWalk day trip are able to spend time at Cat Kingdom as part of their tour of the park.

For an extended visit to Cat Kingdom, you might consider sleeping Overnight at Elephant Nature Park or enrolling in the Volunteer at Elephant Nature Park program.

Elephant Nature Park provides free transport to and from the park, just an hours journey north of Chiang Mai city by Air Conditioned minibus, along with a vegan menu at the on-site restaurant.

Visit Cat Kingdom

SkyWalk Enjoy a full day visit to Elephant Nature Park including time at our special ‘Hands Off’ project. Observe our rescued elephants living in their chosen herd and learn about their individual histories. At the park, the elephants are free to interact and play in natural surroundings including the nearby river, custom built pools and mud pits. You will also have the chance to see our other rescued animals at the sanctuary, including buffalos, dogs, cats, horses, goats and birds.
ENP - Overnight (2 Days + 1 Night) Sleepovers in the midst of a thriving elephant herd offers visitors the chance to enjoy the simple rustic nature of Northern Thailand in the unique company of our rescued herd. We pick up from your hotel for a scenic drive north to Elephant Nature Park where you will meet our magnificent elephant herd. Observe our herd at play and watch them interact in each of their social groups. Full dinner at the park and accommodation at park huts. After breakfast, walk to see the elephants roaming in the open pasture.
Volunteer at Elephant Nature Park A life enhancing opportunity of direct hands on conservation work in a unique program to help protect a highly endangered species. Volunteers leave with a proud sense of accomplishment and a deep satisfying feeling of having really done something positive. Volunteer at Elephant Nature Park, help to improve the plight of the Asian elephant and make a real contribution to conservation in Northern Thailand.
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