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Former Trekking Elephant expresses her new life of freedom in the Mae Taeng River

Maliwan’s life was one of neglect and abuse as a former trekking elephant. Even her trunk had been slashed with a knife. She never knew kindness or even companionship.

Following her rescue by Save Elephant Foundation and welcomed into the sanctuary of Elephant Nature Park, her life has positively changed.

Maliwan loves the freedom of the park and especially the river! In the rainy season, the swollen Mae Taeng River is a source of great joy for Maliwan and she plays with reckless abandon while her friends patiently await for her on the pebbled shore.

Living in the peace and sanctuary at Elephant Nature Park, former trekking elephant Maliwan’s life is now a distant world away.

You can learn more about Maliwan’s rescue here…

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