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Update Tubtim’s story

One week ago Tubtim arrived at her home where she received a warm welcome from most our residents here at ENP. For the first couple of days she had urgent need to check and help for medical treatment especially the best nutrition that her body needed, being malnourished foe so long, and also provision of a comfortable place to sleep. All of our herds came around her new place to visit and introduce themselves. Tubtim immediately seemed more interested in the herd that have a baby. Later when we let her out of her shelter, she walked all over the field to visit the group of Yindee, Dok Mai and Navann’s group; after that, she made the decision to stay with Navann and she completely fell in love with him and all his Nannies welcomed her to join the herd. Tubtim tried to show the herd that she is strong and she competition to be the number one nanny of Navann. She is smitten on Navann and she never let him out of her sight. Already she is part of a family, and she found someone to love. More stories and video coming soon.





























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