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Sarai Mia loves to explore the deeper jungle regions of Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary

Sarai Mia is the youngest elephant at Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary and definitely the most energetic. She loves going for a swim in one of our many dams, often using a log or a branch to add to her enjoyment. She can also be very vocal. In the mornings during the hot season, you will hear her splashing and playing around in Kaavans old pool, often squeaking while doing so, showing her joy.

We learn about Sarai Mia’s diversity of diet, as sustenance is the driving force. She will surprise us by breaking off branches of certain trees and chewing on the bark. She often walks into the Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary jungle, where her sense of smell directs her to some new jungle treats she may not have found before. Sarai Mia loves to explore the deeper jungle region.

She is happy to stop and spend some time with Kaavan while passing his jungle home. A lot of touching and smelling between them occurs, although they are normally just brief encounters. After a few minutes of communication face to face, she will happily continue on her walk about.


There is more information regarding Sarai Mia to be found here…

Sarai Mia

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