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Diploh enjoying her solitary life at Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary

Diploh loves her time in the jungle at Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary.

There are a wide variety of jungle fruit trees throughout the forest. She knows which ones will be ripe before she gets there. She has the most highly developed sniffer of any other land animal.

Diploh spends many hours filling her belly with the fruit of the forest. She loves a heavy rain. She will seek out the place with the best mudpit and cover herself from head to toe. In the jungle her natural instincts take over, identifying the different roots, trees, grasses, bushes, and fruits there, knowing which is edible and tasty and which others to avoid.

Diploh is at an age now where she has no real interest in Kaavan, though she will often stop while passing his enclosure and sniff the air for his scent but will just as happily walk straight past, even if he is nearby. Kaavan seems to understand her viewpoint and doesn’t stress the issue. Diploh – living the life of a freed captive elephant !

This is a simple short video taken recently showing Diplo in the jungle at Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary.


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