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Kaavan loves to explore his jungle and particularly enjoys roaming at night

We asked Kavaan’s Mahout to tell us a little about Kaavan. This is what he told us:

Kaavan loves to explore the jungle and grasslands of Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary and his many meandering paths are telltale. He prefers to sleep in the jungle as well, except during heavy rains when he will shelter under the roof that was built for him.

His day roaming area is full of bamboo trees which he takes delight in eating and he has slowly learned to graze on all the lush grasses growing in his day area. During the day when he is not eating you will find him either taking a nap under the shade of some trees, or relaxing in one of his ponds.

When the weather is hot, which is often, he simply cools off in his giant pool. Kaavan likes to do much of his roaming activity in the night.

An occasional visit from Sarai Mia is welcomed, albeit brief. He enjoys the interaction, as long as she doesn’t take too much of his food ! DiPloh, though curious, now prefers to keep her distance.

Throwing mud and dirt on himself to keep the bugs off, splashing fresh water to cool himself down are natural behaviors that have returned to the fore.

He is living an elephant’s life. A world away from his life in 2020 at Marghazar Zoo in Islamabad, Pakistan.


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