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San Mueng’s life without chain at Elephant Nature Park.

San Mueng is the 8 years old elephant. He was taken from his mother and left home when he was only three years old. Since that time he has known only the zoo. He was trained to perform as elephant show to entertain guests.


San Mueng and Tang Mo lived together at the zoo since Saen Muang was 3 years old.


San Mueng and Tang Mo were chained while they are living at the zoo.


The boy who was taken away from his mother lived at the zoo with his foster sister, her name is Tang Mo. Tang Mo is a young female elephant age 23 years old who spent years of life for performance. They were chained and accompanied each other while they were at the zoo. When the zoo closed due to Covid-19 pandemic, on 11 August 2020 we moved Tang Mo to ENP. We had to leave San Muang behind at that time as we didn’t have enough funds to rescue him. San Mueng displayed such sadness and mourning when he saw Tang Mo leave him behind. It was such a heart broken moment.

Heart breaking moment when San Mueng said good bye to Tang Mo


San Mueng came to say good bye to Tang Mo before we brought her to the park.


San Mueng lived alone at the zoo after Tang Mo left him to ENP.


After we rescued Tang Mo and brought her to the park, we tried to help San Mueng to bring him to the live at the park together with his foster sister as we know he missed her so much. Fortunately, due to the overwhelming outcry of support we have raised enough fund to free San Mueng from the zoo in less than 24 hours! with the the generous donation from our supporters we could rescue this young boy and take him home. We are so grateful to see his beautiful life has started. 


San Mueng was transported by the truck to ENP.


San Mueng’s smiling before he could enjoy the freedom.


It is common after most rescues to receive them to our project carrying a lifetime of trauma. San Mueng is not alone in his initial disoriented condition. Almost all experience some degree of stress-related behavior, some far more than others. His eyes still show empty. When San Mueng arrived at ENP, he seemed very surprised. He scrambled to get off the truck , and when his feet touched the ground, he trumpeted so loud.

Saen Muang arrived ENP.
Elephant can express deep feelings through their eyes. Please look at San Mueng’s eyes on the first day we received him. In a short while, we can see the smile on his face, his eyes more relax and gentle. With our warm love, freedom and good care can heal the young boy in short time.
The eyes of Saen Mueng when he first arrived the park.
Saen Mueng looks more calm after a few weeks living at the park.
Saen Mueng is in his chain free shelter.
After bringing Tang Mo to meet the boy, at first he seemed happy, but a short while later, he seemed to lose interest. Our team stayed close to observe him, to understand and help him. He was more calm, but still showed trauma, eyes always downcast. 
Tang Mo touched Saen Mueng face tenderly with her trunk.
Saen Mueng and Tang Mo had fresh grass together.
Saen Mueng and Tang Mo walked freely to forage young fresh leaves in their chain free shelter
Thanks to all of you who helped to bring these beautiful lives, Tang Mo and Saen Muang, back together. Thanks immeasurably to the Trunks Up campaign. Thanks to Moira and family, Fiona Hardie, Future for Elephants, Karen Lund, Douglas and Catherine Barr, Ellen Cammarata, Team love and bananas Australia , Khun Meaw and friends, all of you helping us to save these two lives, supporting transport and sheltering until the permission process was complete. With hands and hearts united, we can overcome obstacles and accomplish great things.
It is so wonderful to update San Muang’s life. The last tree photo were taken recently, showing the beautiful boy in his good shape of healthy young male elephant. He is more relaxed and playful. 
Saen Muang becomes a chubby boy.
Saen Muang really enjoys soft mud.
Nothing better than cooling bath in a hot afternoon, this is an awesome moment for Saen Muang to enjoy his freedom.


If you wish to help us feed the elephants, please make your selection of the amount you would like to contribute to the fruit buckets to keep them healthy and happy.
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