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New therapy pool for Dalah

From the day of her arrival, Dalah has not laid down to sleep. Her injuries and the emotional trauma of being attacked by a bull still make her fearful and non-trusting around other elephants. We try to make her feel safe, relaxed and more comfortable. We expanded her shelter to include the small fenced wooded area in front of her quarters. So far, she is enjoying exploring her larger space, which at the very minimum is good mental stimulation for her. She feels safe in her own area and a good distance from other elephants, protected all around.  So, now  she can lie down to sleep in her night shelter. We also, make a pool for Dalah to get a water therapy. Her pool  is completed and we will allow her a weightless environment that should prove beneficial to her injury. She has had a life time of pain, now she will learn what Love friendship and trust means. We will keep trying our best to provide warm love and best care to this sweet and gentle girl. Please stay tuned for the update on her first swimming in the pool.

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