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Happy 13th Birth Day to FaaMai.

FaaMai was born April 17, 2009 Her name means ‘A New Day’. She is the first calf born from an ENP’s mother and father. The second baby born free at Elephant Nature Park is Chang Yim. Both of them were the playmate as they are at the same age but now Chang Yim living in his chain free shelter, separate from female elephants. FaaMai never suffer from cruel torture training. She never work a day in her life. She stay in a matriarchal family group with her mother Mae Bua Tong, her big sister Tong Jan, and adopted big sister FaaSai. FaaMai enjoys being a junior nanny to DokMai and DokRak and ThongAe. She is the pampered princess of the ENP,  confident and sometimes a bit stubborn. FaaMai born with love and living all her life with good care from everyone at Elephant Nature Park, she is very friendly and has so beautiful heart. Fah Mai always love to play with the younger member. She learn from the elder female elephants, so now she is a proud nanny and the best friend of the young one. She is well known as the park ambassador who always take the duty to welcome the new rescue elephant. Faa Mai has such a beautiful soul to share love with everyone but the number one in her heart is Lek, her human mom.

Today Fah Mai is thirteen years old. She truly is ENP’s elephant ambassador – polite, gentle and kind-hearted. Many times, FaaMai would walk across the fields to extend her hand in friendship, to newcomers and old timers alike, ever nominating herself to a potential leadership role to a united herd. She has been too gentle to be the elephant’s matriarch. Always deferring to her elders, she would approach each elephant walking slowly backwards, respectful and humble. To this day, FaaMai has not become a chosen leader, though she continues to try. She leads in her own beautiful way, establishing friendships with all, even rivals. Intrepid, playful and humorous, she is dearly loved by all of us.

We are so proud and happy to see FaaMai grow up and living free among her beautiful herd. This birthday, we wish you abundant happiness and love. May the joy that you have spread in the past come back to you on this day. Wishing you a very happy birthday!

New born baby FaaMai.
FaaMai and her mother, BuaThong.
Sweet little baby FaaMai and her mother.
Lek Chailert captured a gorgeous shot of FaaMai running after one of the many dragon flies.
FaaMai and Chang Yim. Two of them was born on 2009.
FaaMai and Chang Yim, two born free baby elephants at Elephant Nature Park.
Grand mother Thai and all her adopted baby TongJan , FaaMai, and Chang Yim.
FaaMai is a playful girl.
Chubby FaaMai enjoyed the river.
FaaMai and DokMai ( FaaMai 5 yrs old).
FaaMai and Navann ( FaaMai 5 yrs old).
FaaMai played with tire ( we took photo when she was 7 yrs old).
FaaMai (7 yrs old) played the mud.
Funny girl, FaaMai played with the tire.
Here’s another shot of cutie FaaMai with her hose.
FaaMai and FaaSai played with the dirt.
FaaMai and her sister, ThongJan.
FaaMai and Dani.
FaaMai and Jampa.
FaaMai and Mae Perm.
FaaMai, ThongJan and DokNgern.
FaaMai took a short time off from her nanny duties, while DokMai is busy to play elsewhere.
Lek enjoyed the river with the security from FaaMai.
Lek and FaaMai are one soul, Lek is the part of the herd.
Lek sang lullaby to FaaMai.
FaaMai play with ThongAe.
FaaMai comfort MaeSri so kindly.
Lek taught the mahouts about social media, FaaMai also curios and keen to learn too.
FaaMai tried to get attention from Lek.
Lek with the beautiful elephants, FaaMai, ThongAe and Jenny.
FaaMai and her family go to the river for the afternoon refreshing, she taste the water by her trunk and then splash it all over her face.

FaaMai loves Lek’s lullaby.

The happy life of Faamai family at Elephant Nature Park.

FaaMai cerebrated her 13th Birthday with fruits cake.

Sometimes when the baby play they might play too rough. Navann plays as the boy and sometimes he pushes FaaMai hard, his little tusk sometime can cause a small mark and it can make her somewhat upset, but FaaMai is the good nanny who will never push back to her little friend, what did she do ? She tried to find an acceptable outlet for her frustration by pushing on the log. You will have a big smile on your face and get warm in your heart when you see they are playing at ENP.

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