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Elephant Of The Week : Medo’s rescue anniversary

Medo was born around 1980, her age is around 36 years old. She was rescued from logging camp in a very remote area near Thai/Burma border and arrived Elephant Nature park on July 2006. She was put to work in an early age, at that time she was only 8 years old. She worked in a logging camp for 4 years,  then she was seriously injured when a heavy log fell on her, breaking her rear left ankle. The bone never properly set. After she got the accident, Medo was brought from camp to camp, but no one was interested in employing a lame elephant. To get the income, the owner brought Medo to force breeding program. They found the largest and strongest bull with a big tusk. Medo was chained by four legs. The huge bull was in musth though, and rather than simply breeding with her, he savagely attacked her, pinning her on the ground with his tusk. She screamed in pain but no one would risk coming close to the musth bull to help her. She tried and tried but could not stand. She was left lying down, bleeding and writhing alone in agony. Vets determined that her backbone had become dislocated.

She fought for her life with this painful for 3 years. The owner shamed on her condition and kept hidden Medo in an isolated village in the mountain for 15 years.

Lek met this poor lady elephant in 2006 and immediately set up the rescue. At the first arrival at ENP, Medo was very shy to another elephants, no longer after that she built a strong relationship with Mae Lanna and Sao Yai. Medo goes around quite well at the park with her best friends. She dos not let the pain of her past effect her happiness future. We are impressed to see she could  spend the rest of her life in the forever home. 


Medo always appears with happiness
Medo always appears with happiness


Medo is a good poser, she loves it.
Medo is a good poser, she loves it


Medo's happy time at the mud pit
Medo’s happy time at the mud pit


Medo enjoying her fruit basket
Medo enjoying her fruit basket








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