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Update of Raya our recent rescued elephant.

Raya came from the south of Thailand, she arrived Elephant Nature Park on 24 December 2021.  After almost 2 weeks living at the new home, Raya is settling in well at Elephant Nature Park and becoming more confident, exploring her new place.  We introduce her to the river, she hesitated to get into the water because she used to lived her entire life under the control of her former mahout she still not have confidence, she wait the mahout to take her down into the river but she seems not panic and frightened to walk around. However, It is good to see that she enjoys eating food we provided.

After received the x-ray from our park vet, we found that the bone of her leg dislodged from the joint and there are some muscular tissue already bundle up. Lek and our team are tending to her every need & learning more about her personality each day. As she is the newest  member, we do not introduce her the another elephants, yet. We do not rush or push her, we want Raya to be more relaxed and get to know another elephants slowly so she can choose friends by herself. We’re excited to see her become even more confident and start her new life with friends at the park.

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