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Bua Loi, you are in our warm hug, don’t look back to the past. Now your life is changing, you will be saved at Elephant Nature Park.

When the feet of Bua Loi walked up on to the truck , I told her to never look back, that we will bring her to the safe place somewhere and she will be cared for and never have any one to sit on her skinny back bone again. It took us some time to prepare the frame to support her body during her travel to the hospital because her legs are so weak. Our vet team give her a lots of IV fluid and Dr, Erica accompanied her all the way of her journey. One thing that gave us the big hope was when we gave her food she eat, eat , eat non-stop. We hope she will gain weight soon and now she is in the vet care at TECC . We will keep you updated.























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