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Baby elephant Khun Dej and his nanny

Khun Dej finally have selected his two nannies, Malai Thong the handicap from land mine and Dani the lamed elephant from the X-logging. Both of them try to compete to show their love and care to Khun Dej. We are totally overwhelm to see our little boy now find his own family and then he can learn to be the elephant and stay independence again. ” While I follow to see the nanny taking care of Khun Dej and to see him happy and smile, then my heart also have go across ocean to Agam the baby elephant at Aceh Indonesia ,who spent time last week with him try to work to lift him up. The both boy came from similar story, Khun Dej now find the new home and family BUT Agam, his health in the critical condition and go down hill. I will share the story of Agam to you soon” Lek said.






























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