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Welcome to our new members, mother MohLoh and her baby girl, LekLek.

Years before the COVID-19 crisis, MohLoh worked at the logging camp and later worked to service rides for tourists. During COVID, the owner brought MohLoh back to the home village as there was no work to be had. The family was supported under the Foster Parent of the Gentle Giant Stay Home project. During their stay in the village, MohLoh gave birth to a little girl.

As the pandemic eased and tourists began to return again, various elephant camps wanted to bring mothers and babies back to ride and show. But some elephant owners no longer wanted to hire out their elephants, and the family agreed that they were no longer able to take care of elephants.

Before LekLek and her mother would be sold to the circus camp, both elephants were rescued to ENP. Thanks to Gertrude Andraschko and Robyn Beasley (Stew4 Elephants), who help to rescue the baby, Lek Lek. The mother, MohLoh, was rescued by a very generous donation made in honor of Dr. Dawn Miller. Also, Miss Linee Keswani supported the transportation costs for these two beautiful lives. Thanks to all of you who participated, giving the chance for a new life for LekLek and her mother, MohLoh. From today, they will live free from fear and excessive labor and will join the herd soon.

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