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Pikun’s Life Before and After Rescue

A number of years ago, Pikun made a dramatic entrance at Elephant Nature Park, having wandered from a neighboring elephant riding camp. Upon entering the sanctuary, Faa Mai’s family encircled her protectively, appreciating of her situation. Eventually, Pikun’s mahout came to the park to take her back to the camp.

We initially thought this was a one-off, but Pikun regularly broke her chain and ran into the park and stayed happily with both the Faa Mai & KhamLa herds. It was heartbreaking to see her returned to that camp, over and over. Our founder, Lek, spoke about Pikun with the camp owner several times, and on March 13, 2017 he finally agreed to let Pikun come and stay in the sanctuary of Elephant Nature Park permanently.

As the rescue team awaited the moment to take her to Elephant Nature Park, the owner released her chain and with a sudden start, she bolted out onto the road and did not slow until she ran through our gate. Pikun knew she was home.


Since her arrival at Elephant Nature Park, she has found a best friend in Khun Yai and the two of them are inseparable.

We would like to thank Khun Sawanee Osathanklaw and Khun Monreudee Yamapai, the Thai movie star who helped us rescue Pikun.

To learn more about Pikun and how you can support her at Elephant Nature Park, please visit the link below:

Pikun (พิกุล)

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