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Pikun & Khun Yai start their relationship

Most elephants that Save Elephant Foundation rescue come from work environments and have served humans for many decades. Most of them have been separated from their families or their young, and while they continue under the yoke of their labor, they have no chance to join a herd, or to even have a friend.

Elephant rescue revolves around the restoration of what has been stolen from them, to give them back an opportunity to have family again.

Pikun was an older elephant that we rescued from a tourist camp close to us. She has been mostly solitary since her short walk to the Park.

Just days ago, we introduced her to know our new rescues, Khun Yai , Jenny and Thong Eee. Already the strong bonds of family are forming. In a small step they come toward their stolen past and so begins the healing of being herd.

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