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Newly rescued FahMui is making friends in the sanctuary of Elephant Nature Park

Newly rescued FahMui is slowly realising the freedom and making friends in the sanctuary of Elephant Nature Park.

From our founder, Lek Chailert:

FahMui is friendly enough and still looking to find new friends. So far, she has a kinship with Kanjana, and they while away the day eating in the shade of a giant tree.

We continue to introduce her to others in our herd. At our project, we hope that the newcomer can settle in readily with a family.or friend. We provide options, but the choice remains theirs.

This evening FahMui and Kanjana met up with ambassador FaaMai. Kanjana seemed a bit shy and not confident, but FahMui was interested to talk with the youngster who is always so polite and respectful to every new member.

Given time, FahMui will know her place and perhaps even play a role in the life of one of our young ones.


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