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Mintra demonstrates how to herd cattle at Elephant Nature Park

Mintra, a veteran cow herder, demonstrates to Kratae, a novice, just how to move cows effectively!

Oftentimes, a large group of cows not under the care of Elephant Nature Park, will drift along the opposite side of the river grazing peacefully. This hasn’t sat well with many of our elephants, with Mintra being the one most incensed by these interlopers onto what she deems her turf.

She will rumble and trumpet a bit at first, warning the cows to move away. When the herd of cows complacently ignore her instructions, Mintra’s ire can reach a crescendo.

Kratae, since her rescue to the Park not so long ago, has fallen in with Mintra with a deep affection. Here, Mintra shows her elder just how to courageously and demonstratively manage undesirable encroachment at Elephant Nature Park. Mae Kratae follows along, taking notes.

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