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Kham Paan the greatest loving nanny elephant


A story of love, caring and healing. Please share the joy

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In 2007 we received a phone call from the trekking camp to ask our vet to help to treat the old female elephant named Kham Paan because she was so weak and collapsed. Kham Pan worked for service riding but her legs too weak to transport the heavy tourist. Our vet keep going to treat her , but she couldn’t no longer work because she too old.One year later the owner gave up and free her to stay at our sanctuary.

After only the short time of the better food , care and freedom ,Kham Pan have much more energy, she keep move and run all over the park. Many of her mahouts have to run and follow her and many of them quit from tired.

Until one day we have her new mahout named Por , who is shy and gentle , he take Kham Pan walk to the field any where she want , who patience sit along the river bank wait for her to swim and lay down in the river long times as she like, Por make Kham Pan calm and relax and Kahm Pan start to change and become the gentle elephant.Life of Kham Pan Changing again when one night Sri Prae give birth of the little boy Navann. We saw that Kham Pan was interested to be the nanny , when she saw the new born baby Navann she walk to stay at the front gate of sri Prae shelter and tried to reach her trunk to the new born calf. She refused to walk to the field , she stay in front gate all day and keep reach her trunk to touch the little boy and wait for Navann to walk to her.After observed for week , we decided to let her to be the nanny of Navann.

Today Kham Pan is number one nanny of Navann , she adores him , loves him as the human granny can do with their children.T\
To see the weak old grand mother elephant show her love to her adopted Navann, it make such a heart warm. She even becomes his playmate when he want to find someone to play with and no other baby elephant around. She want to make sure her little baby enjoy her accompanying while teaching & keeping him safe . Now hope you all will understand that elephants are not so difference from us, but their love are way to better when they can give unconditional love to someone who not even relate to their family tree.


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