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Jaidee starting a new life of freedom at Elephant Nature Park

Congratulations and welcome Jaidee, the beautiful old lady to Elephant Nature Park.

This is your home now forever.

Jaidee is now about 55 years old and has experienced many years working for humans.

For more than 30 years in a logging camp, 10 years as a street begging elephant and 7 years as a tourist riding elephant, Jaidee is now able to rest in the sanctuary of Elephant Nature Park.

Thank you to Mr.Adam Flin who gave her a new life, with his direct support, she will spend the rest of her life with love and care from our herd and her new family.

Jaidee endured a long trip of around 24 hours to reach the park. Jaidee was exhausted on arrival but after a morning walk in the sunshine, finding the tranquility of the river, she seems to already be feeling the freedom under her feet.

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