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Jaidee starting a new life of freedom at Elephant Nature Park

Congratulations and welcome Jaidee, the beautiful old lady to Elephant Nature Park, this is your home forever. She is a 55 years old female elephant. She used to spend her life for more than 30 years in a logging camp, 10 years as a street begging elephant and 7 years at tourist riding elephant. Thank you to Mr.Adam Flin who give her a new life. She will spend the rest of her life with love and care from our herd and her new family.

After a long trip around 24 hours to reach ENP, of course Jaidee was exhausted at the first arrival but after a morning walk among the sunshine, she is very excited to walk around. She also visit the fig tree and observe the sanctuary. Will keep update her story and see which herd is she going to join.





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