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Jaidee spend two and a half months living at Elephant Nature Park, look at her now, do you see the difference ?

Jaidee is 68 years old female elephant, rescued from Goh Phanga. She had been owned by a resort which is closed down their elephant camp as a result of the new Animal Protection Law that was enacted in December 2014. She used to work in illegal logging industry and trekking camp for most of her life. Jaidee was brought to ENP on 25th January 2015, she was thin and exhausted but luckily to have no broken bones. Thanks to fund donated by Adam Flinn in honor of his mother Mrs.Katherine Flinn. Jaidee could have a chance to live the rest of her life with freedom and joy at our sanctuary.  Look at her now, she has gained her weight and full of vitality.



















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