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Elephant Of The Week : SookSai

Navann play with Sook Sai
Navaan play with SookSai

SookSai means “Pure Happiness”. She worked in logging, trekking and street begging. She has had 15 different owners. During her working life, she slipped while walking up the hill.

Her ankle was broken, then she was sent to work in trekking. Due to this injury, she walks on the side of her foot with a noticeable limp. Tourists complaint about her stability, so they moved her to work as street begging elephant but in short time. However, her hard life did not end.

SookSai was placed in a forced breeding program in the hope that she would give birth to a calf. Like many female elephants who are forcibly bred, she did not became pregnant. Due to she was unable to work or produce baby, she was chained with a tree and forgotten. She often went out of food and water.

Thankfully, she was brought to ENP and now she is enjoying her freedom. She loves to spend her time alone but only the charming Navaan can get her attention and now she loves to play with him.

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