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Elephant of the Week 21 August 2023: Khamla

Where does one begin to speak about the elephant named Khamla !?!

Khamla is the beating heart of the largest family group at Elephant Nature Park. There are 9 elephants who foster her care and well-being, with a mother Mae Baitoey and 2 Nannies, always doting on her.

She is a most fortunate young lady to have been rescued at the age of 4 and brought under the care of Save Elephant Foundation. Much has changed since her arrival in 2015 and to see her thrive inside such a wonderfully committed family group has been nothing short of inspiring.

Khamla’s confidence and continual curiosity was born within the bonds of caring approvals and stern guidance from the family who embraces her. She is loved and we at Elephant Nature Park, of course, adore her !

To learn more about baby KhamLa and how you can support her at ENP please visit the link ;

KhamLa (คำหล้า)

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