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Congratulations, lucky 60 elephants will be released to be free from working in the Elephant Camp.

After three and a half years of trying to convince and invite many elephant camp management teams, owners, family members of their business to change the way of their business to be more humane, today I would like to announce the best news of this year to all of you to know that , the biggest camp of Karnchanaburi at Saiyok district , made the decision to stop elephant riding and elephant shows of their own program, and our team will come to help to work at the project to change to be an Elephant Nature Park Model. It means that we can release 60 elephants free from work. We applaud their soulful decision. I hope that more elephant camps in Thailand will do the same way in the near future. Thanks to every one for your support and to be part of this big change. Special thanks to Khun NuNa Silpa-archa and to my husband Darrick Thomson , who always stands beside to support my work.
We will try manage by July this year and hope to have your support for this project. By Lek Chailert





























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